• 1 Add the Buglife SDK to your Xcode project
    1. Add the 'Buglife' pod to your Podfile:
      pod 'Buglife'
    2. Run pod install
    1. Download the Buglife SDK
    2. Unzip it & pull Buglife.framework into the Frameworks group in your project.

      Drag framework

      In the following dialog box, make sure you have "Copy items if needed" checked.

      Xcode choose options

    3. We need to add a few system frameworks to your project. Select your project in the sidebar, then your main target, then Build Phases. Under the section Link Binary With Libraries, click the + button and add the following frameworks:

      • CoreTelephony.framework
      • SystemConfiguration.framework

      Xcode build phases

  • 2 Initialize Buglife from your app delegate
  • 1. Import the framework header in your app delegate.

    import Buglife
    #import <Buglife/Buglife.h>

    2. Add the following to your app delegate's application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method:

    Buglife.shared().start(withEmail: "[email protected]")
    [[Buglife sharedBuglife] startWithEmail:@"[email protected]"];

  • 3 Report a bug!
  • Build & run your app; Once your app is running, shake your device (^⌘Z in the simulator) to report a bug! Bug reports are sent directly to your email address.

    Don't like shaking to report a bug? You can configure Buglife to present the bug reporter via hooking into device screenshots, or manually. Check the Buglife documentation for more info.