Custom Fields

Android custom input fields

The Buglife bug reporter UI can be configured to present custom input fields. There are two types of available input fields to choose from: Text input fields and Picker input fields.

To configure custom input fields, initialize one or more instances of TextInputField and/or PickerInputField, and configure Buglife with them using Buglife.setInputFields().

Text input fields

The TextInputField class can be used to configure text entry fields, and can be single- or multi-line. You may choose to configure custom text input fields to collect information such as steps to reproduce, or information about a user.

TextInputField stepsField = new TextInputField("Steps");

The "Summary" input field

By default, the Buglife bug reporter is configured with the "Summary" input field (typically labeled with "What happened?"), which is a special instance of type TextInputField. To use the special Summary field with custom fields, grab an instance of it using TextInputField.summaryInputField().

// The following is equivalent to simply using the default Buglife configuration
TextInputField summaryField = TextInputField.summaryInputField();

Picker input fields

The PickerInputField class can be used to surface "pickers", which allow users to select a single value from an array of options.

PickerInputField reproducibilityField = new PickerInputField("Area");
reproducibilityField.addOption("Music library");
reproducibilityField.addOption("Audio player");

Default values

You can configure default values for both text & picker input fields using Buglife.putAttribute(). For example, you can use this to dynamically configure the default value for a field when the user switches screens in your app.

The attribute name should equal one of your input field names; If setting an attribute for a picker, the attribute value should equal one of that picker's options.

// For the above picker example,
// this will select the "Audio player" option by default
Buglife.putAttribute("Area", "Audio player");


The following example configures the bug reporter UI with 3 input fields: the "Summary" field, a "Reproducibility" picker, and a multi-line "Steps" field:

TextInputField summaryField = TextInputField.summaryInputField();

PickerInputField reproducibilityField = new PickerInputField("Reproducibility");

TextInputField stepsField = new TextInputField("Steps");

Buglife.setInputFields(summaryField, reproducibilityField, stepsField);